Summer Treats – A PufferBox Unboxing

Signature Glass Piece

Enjoy the beginning of summer with this gorgeous hand pipe. Although the PufferBox team argued for a few hours wether it looks like an ice cream cone or a maraca, we did agree that it’s both stunning and the perfect glass piece for our collections. Streaks of yellows decorate the bowl area and a solid base color for the base.

Smoking Accessories

roor cones

ROOR Pre-Rolled Cones. ROOR is known for their high quality products and these cones are no exception. Inside the package you will find 6 pre-rolled cones in a handy 1 1/4 size. Spend less time rolling and more time filling.

ROOR Rolling Papers. ROOR Rice Papers provide a light, clean, extra slow burn. If you enjoy a nice even, slow burning paper, these are the papers for you! ROOR Rice Papers are made from all natural chemical-free rice paper.

Elements Metal Paper Case. These Metal 1 1/4 Paper Cases are perfect for keeping your papers fresh and preventing them from being bent or ruined. These metal paper cases feature the well known Elements brand.

Odor Proof Skunk Sack. Skunk Sacks are designed to be the ultimate in odor and barrier protection. They’re water-tight, odor-tight, and puncture resistant. The edges are extreme-sealed with an extra wide, triple pressed thick seal. The durable locking zipper is three times thicker and softer than a regular bag to block out odors every time.

Psychedelic Clipper Lighter. Your clipper lighter is the perfect addition to our box. Each clipper lighter we ship out is limited edition and may never be printed again. They are handy in more ways than one! Here’s a tip: You can remove the flick from the base of the lighter and use it as a packing tool!


Annie’s Fruit Snacks. A delicious mix of strawberry, cherry and raspberry flavored bunnies. Certified organic, these vegan and gluten-free bunny-shaped fruit snacks are made with real fruit juice and packed with 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C.