Spiked | A PufferBox Unboxing

Signature Glass Piece

This red hand pipe is sure to stand out in your glass collection. Green claw like accents engulf a generously sized bowl. A flower-like ringed bulb rests to the side of the bowl. Red streaks flow throughout the whole design. A definite conversation piece, this monster is sure to be one of our favorites for a long time.

Smoking Accessories

raw lanyard

Need an awesome way to carry your keys around? Want to represent around the office? Maybe you’d like to keep your vape pen close. Try your new Raw Lanyard! Made of sturdy nylon fabric and a swivel hook clasp, your stuff is sure to stay safely around your neck. Printed with the RAW logo.

elements tips

New Elements Pre-Rolled Tips are chlorine and chemical free, giving you the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go. Don’t use other brands that bleach their products!  Elements Pre-Rolled Tips give you a perfect tip right out of the box.

Primal Herbal Wraps are completely free of tobacco and nicotine, offering an incredible experience similar to wraps and cigarillos, without the addictive and negative qualities of tobacco. These hand-crafted wraps are made with the finest, natural herbs for smokers who prefer a high-quality smoke.

Using iconic and sometimes silly Rasta imagery, these little lighter will help let you show the world what good taste in music and lifestyle you have. Your box will feature one of the four lighters from this set and will feature “Roots Rock Reggae”, “Lion Zion”, “Ragga Muffin”, or  “Rasta Farian”. These Clippers, like others, have a removable flint housing for poking hand rolled cigarettes, compressing the contents inside and giving you a better smoke.

Bambu is among the first Spanish producers of cigarette rolling papers. Founded in 1764, Bambu began creating Bible paper, later switching to cigarette rolling paper. Bambi takes pride in their natural Arabic gum they use to gum their rolling papers with.

With such a long history of making paper, you can rest assured that these rolling papers are very high quality. Considered the de facto basic rolling paper by a lot of smokers, these are always a good choice to roll your smokes in.


Hello Panda are bite size snacks full of deliciousness. They are a chocolate snacks with a creme center and crunchy shell.

Bonus Item: stainless steel screen filters

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