hemp wick vs butane lighter

Hemp Wick Vs Butane: The Facts of Marijuana Ignition

Many avid smokers will speculate about the best form of lighting the sticky green. Is it better to use the always more organic option of hemp wick as compared to the more industrial butane lighter? But whether we are attracted to the all natural, the fear of ingesting toxic materials, or just the novelty of […]
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PufferBox – Light Vs Dark – October 2015 Contents

Our October PufferBox has been shipped to hundreds of homes across the country. October’s theme was Light Vs. Dark, a perfect theme for Halloween. This month, our boxes included seven items. Item 1: Light Vs Dark Bubbler This hand blown bubbler measures 5-6 inches and decorated with a dark blue and vibrant white swirls. A few […]
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Our New Affiliate Rewards Program Is Now Live

2015 has been a big year for PufferBox. We have rolled out many awesome new features including our PufferPoints program and the opening of our Puffer Shop, an online head shop filled with a nice selection of 420 themed products. Today, we’re adding an affiliate program that rewards our members with cold hard cash each time someone subscribes to […]
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puffer box march 2015

Puffer Box March 2015 – Contents Plus Unboxing

Our March Puffer Box was shipped on March 20th,  the first day of spring. We embraced the season with a perfectly appropriate theme: One With Nature. Puffer Box March 2015 Contents The signature piece of this month’s box was a beautiful glass blown bubbler. This smoking essential was enhanced with a green gecko on the base surface. […]
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420 puffer box - nov15

Puffer Box – February 2015 plus Unboxing

By now, our monthly box should have arrived in hundreds of doorsteps around the country. Our February Puffer Box was dedicated to the main man, Bob Marley. Puffer Box February 2015 Contents The pièce de résistance was a beautiful 8 inch Sherlock glass pipe. Our glass blowers designed the piece in midnight blue and color changing […]
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The Nation’s Struggle to Reform Marijuana Laws – Infographic

  One day, the entire nation will be able to light up their favorite pipe, bong, or blunt and do so legally. But that day is not today. Marijuana is still illegal in most part of the United Sates. But, we’re making progress. We’ve created an infographic, attached below, that shows a snapshot of our […]
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How To Clean Your Glass Pipe for Cheap!

Some of our Puffer Boxes will include gorgeous glass pipes and bubblers that you will want to keep looking amazing. But after frequent use, your glass pipe will get murky, cloudy and full of ash. The traditional thing to do is go to your nearest head shop, buy some expensive pipe cleaner and get to cleaning. […]
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The Curse of the White Lighter – Fact vs Myth

Getting high can make food taste better, music sound better and legends seem more legendary. Over generations, many have told of the curse of the white lighter, where prominent left handed, 27 year-old musicians died from overdoses and were found with white bic lighters. The genesis of the curse being that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin […]
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Marijuana in Colorado – Results After 6 Months

Marijuana is legal in twenty-one states and the District of Columbia in one form or another. However, only Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana for recreational use, while the rest of the states permit medical marijuana. Will the rest of the states follow suit? Only time will tell. For now, the nation is looking closely […]
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