We created PufferPoints as a fun way to reward our members. Points are awarded automatically by purchasing any of our membership plans or buying from our Puffer Shop.

  • PufferBox Month to Month Plan
  • PufferBox 3-Month Plan
  • PufferBox 6-Month Plan
  • Puffer Shop Purchase
  • Monthly Prize Award Winner
  • 100 Points/mo
  • 350 Points/3mo
  • 700 Points/6mo
  • 1 Point per $1
  • 200 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do I have?

You can keep track of your points at anytime by logging on to your account. Your point balance and award/redemption log can be found on the main account page.

How do I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed for items in the Puffer Shop as well as the Puffer Gift Box. The checkout page will allow you to redeem point-based discounts on applicable orders.

Can I redeem my points for a subscription?

Unfortunately, points cannot be used for a subscription product at this time. However, points can be redeemed for a Puffer Gift Box.

When do my points expire?

PufferPoints never expire. You can redeem them at anytime.

Can I transfer my points to someone else?

You can transfer your points to another customer by emailing us at support@pufferbox.com. Please include your email, as well as the recipient’s email.

What if I’m missing points?

Occasionally, points will not be awarded if your account is placed on hold or if you miss a renewal payment. If you are missing points after you resume your PufferBox subscription, please email us at support@pufferbox.com and we’ll deposit the missing points into your account.