Puffer Box Review Program

Thanks for your interest in publishing a review of our Puffer Box subscription service. Due to a rise in review requests, we decided to publish some info to consider before contacting us.

Generally, our two requirements are the following:

  • A High Visitor/Viewer Count

    Have an established publishing channel with a popular fan base.

  • A Targeted Audience

    Your website, blog, social media platform, or YouTube channel must have a general focus on smoking topics.

Some Puffer Boxes are shipped for review purposes to blog writers, popular Twitter/Instagram users, and YouTube broadcasters that cater to the smoking community. However, we ensure that these websites have a high traffic count before we ship any of our boxes.

This ensures that the review of our box is mutually beneficial. Reviewers receive a complimentary box as well as new content to publish on their respective channel and we obtain exposure to a large targeted audience. Win Win!

A targeted audience (in this case, the smoking community) is important to us. Ideally, the reviewer and recipient of the box would be a smoker as well. Unfortunately, this means we have to exclude websites, blogs, and video channels that cast a general net on reviewing everything and anything —the majority of their audience is unlikely to be part of the 420 lifestyle.

Exemptions can be made; but this would occur on a case by case basis.

If you feel you meet the criteria, please complete the form below. A lot of time is spent finding the best deals on the smoking accessories included in every box and it’s always stuff we would enjoy using ourselves. So even if you don’t qualify for a review box, we would encourage you to check out our Puffer Box gift options

Roll On,

The Puffer Box Team