PufferBox – Light Vs Dark – October 2015 Contents

Our October PufferBox has been shipped to hundreds of homes across the country. October’s theme was Light Vs. Dark, a perfect theme for Halloween. This month, our boxes included seven items.

Item 1: Light Vs Dark Bubbler

This hand blown bubbler measures 5-6 inches and decorated with a dark blue and vibrant white swirls. A few of you may have received the black and white version instead.

Item 2: Wax Fangs

October would be incomplete without a halloween themed item. We included the wax fangs as lighthearted gag item inspired by the dark side, blood thirsty monsters.

Item 3, 4: Incense Holder & Nirvana Incense

Although incense is used by many in the smoking community to mask annoying odors, they are also enjoyed for their powerful aromas. Your Nirvana incense is hand rolled in India and contains no chemicals or additives. The natural ingredients are based on traditional ayurvedic formulas to bring peace, serenity, and balance to the surrounding environment. Also, it smells good.

The included wooden incense holder doubles as an ash catcher and includes a golden design of peace on its base.

Item 5: Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Symbolizing opposite forces, these Zig Zag rolling papers provide a long lasting smooth smoking experience.

Item 6: Dia De Muertos Clipper Lighter

This popular clipper lighter comes decorated with a Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead) art. Although this holiday is mostly celebrated in Mexico, the holiday has reached fame worldwide.

Item 7: Blakk Widow Cyclones

The Cyclone Blakk Widow pre rolled cones are a black paper cone that includes a bright red wooden whistle tip. The flavor leans towards a sweet natural with a hint of fruitiness. Each pack includes 2 cones, 1 tip and a packing tool.

On behalf of everyone on the PufferBox team, we hope you have enjoyed your October box as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We look forward to seeing each of you on the November shipping list.


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