Our New Affiliate Rewards Program Is Now Live

2015 has been a big year for PufferBox. We have rolled out many awesome new features including our PufferPoints program and the opening of our Puffer Shop, an online head shop filled with a nice selection of 420 themed products.

Today, we’re adding an affiliate program that rewards our members with cold hard cash each time someone subscribes to any of our membership options using their referral link or coupon.

The great part about our affiliate rewards program is that you’ll receive commissions on every renewal as well. So if someone signs up and remains a PufferBox member for one year, for example, you will receive a total of 12 commission deposits into your account.

Affiliate Referral Links and Coupons

To receive credit for a customer purchase, you’ll need an affiliate link. You can obtain your affiliate links by logging on to the Affiliate Portal. Each link you generate will include your referral ID number. You can generate a link from any page on our site from your account portal. As long as your customer completes a purchase within 14 business days from any page on our site, you’ll receive a credit for their purchase.pufferbox-referral-link-

You can also refer a customer with the use of a coupon. A customer can use your coupon to receive a $3 discount off their total, and you will receive a commission from their purchase.

Coupons are not automatically generated. Please email us to request a coupon code with your username and preferred coupon name.

Referrals & Payments

Your account portal will give you access to referrals links, visits, coupon data information, and of course, your payment information. Payments are made via PayPal so please keep your payment email address updated.

Payments are made on the 1st of every month on earnings over $20.

How To Sign Up

You can find the PufferBox Affiliate Rewards Program link on the footer of our site under Promotions or by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions

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