The Curse of the White Lighter – Fact vs Myth

Getting high can make food taste better, music sound better and legends seem more legendary. Over generations, many have told of the curse of the white lighter, where prominent left handed, 27 year-old musicians died from overdoses and were found with white bic lighters.

The genesis of the curse being that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were all habitual marijuana users had died from overdoses (obviously not cannabis), were left handed and were carrying the said, infamous white Bic. The tale lives on today, thoroughly ingrained in smoker’s culture and revamped by the more recent death of Kurt Cobain (also left handed) and his alleged white bic found near his lifeless body in 1994. Even the PufferBox team has avoided including white lighters in our smoking subscription boxes.

Over time, private marijuana aficionados have come forth with terrible stories of bad ju-ju connected to the white Bic. Drug busts, bad overdoses and shakedowns all stemming from what seems like a dastardly piece of white plastic and some metal.


The settings and characters are real, but the white bic legend is simply a farse. Hendrix (Barbituates) and Joplin (Heroin) died in 1970 and Morrison, himself, overdosed on Heroin in 1971 prior to Societe Bic producing the (first of it’s kind) disposable ‘Cricket’ in 1972 and launching the modern disposable in 1973. The closest lighter to Kurt Cobain was pink and his heroin kit contained a multi colored bic. From the beginning of time, man has told stories for entertainment and this is just that. Regardless of the logic and facts you share, some will forever be suspicious of the white Bic.

The closest thread to the truth that the white lighter legend yields is that when Bic introduced the Cricket, it was one piece and came in two colors: black and white. Unlike the disposables of today, which have white bottoms among all colors, the original black model made the perfect tool to pack bowls while the white version showed ash and residue, which would hinder any investigation by police.

As in life, it all comes down to the smoker’s preference. Among the hundreds of colors and designs that Bic or other companies have released, smokers will undoubtedly find one that suits them. Please understand that white lighters and the shroud of negative karma that surrounds them is just a myth and it’s okay to light up with the classic white.


Fun Facts

  • Bic Lighters are made from a extremely strong plastic called Delrin.
  • Each Bic Lighter is made up of 19 individual parts.
  • Lighters are produced in the US, Brazil and France.




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  1. The Cynical Critic says:

    Way to plagiarize Pineapple Express on your opening sentence. BTW, this article sucks.

  2. James says:

    I think it’s bullshit but idk the next time I’m going to buy a lighter I’ll ask if it’s bad luck obviously there going yo go with no case they want the deal but they don’t get commission so I think wee good

  3. James says:

    Idk but the next time I but a white lighter I’ll ask about bad luck they most likly are going to say no to get the sale but hey don’t with fur commission so weel see

  4. Assman says:

    Tbh ppl keep on saying that “white lighters is bad luck” and all that stuff… Bruh when it comes to me having a white lighter on me… I thought i had a joint in my pack and realized i got a joint and a roach… Top that all off i found $20 just recently while i was high as shit…

    And they say white lighters are bad luck? For me its actually good luck so. I agree that this article filling with stories that lead to a result that a person had a white lighter during those expirences… All i gotta say is that its nothing but bullshit

    • Diedra says:

      Ok but wanna know something funny? A year ago I had gotten into a terrible quad accident, sending me flying over a bridge onto rocks, not only that, the bridge was about 15 feet high.Sending me into surgery with a fractured skull, 2 fractures in my spine, a broken neck and a lot of damaged nerves.The funny part? There was a white bic lighter in my pocket that they have found when they undressed me.

  5. ChefClay says:

    You guys realize Jimmy Hendricks and Janis Joplin both died before the Bic lighter was even released which makes it impossible for them to have died with one in their possession.
    Feel free to fact check, just Google “when was the Bic lighter released” and “when did Janis/Jimmy die”

  6. SCpunk says:

    People buy white lighters because you can see how much fluid is in them by holding them up to a light source. This way you know when they are about to run out of fluid so you won’t be stuck without fire. I’ve bought them for the last 17 years and there is no curse that comes with them. #Whitelightersmatter

  7. mohpepper says:

    I don’t give a shit what color my lighter is as long as I got a light !
    ( and I ALWAYS carry several spares so no need to ” see ” the fluid left) just my idea of keepin it sane.

  8. Sandi says:

    I dont smoke but have friends that do. When they have no fire and my white lighter is the only one in tje house they refuse to usr it.. Lmao.. If its your turn to die it dont matter what color lighter u have on u. U are a gonner. Ive seen them use matches just so they dont have to uae my white lighter…that shit is priceless to see..lmao

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