Below you will find our gift box options that consist of items from past PufferBox shipments. Remember, you can also purchase any of our subscription plans and select the gift option. The recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their gift!

Puffer Gift Box Deluxe

smoking gift box deluxe

The Puffer Gift Box Deluxe ships with a dozen items including a premium glass piece, a bunch of accessories, and of course, some munchies!

Home Alone Pack

home alone pack

The Home Alone Pack ships with four items! A glass on glass water pipe, a 3D clipper lighter, a magnetic grinder, and some Joots rolling papers!

PufferBox Pink Pack

valentine's day pack

The PufferBox Pink Pack ships with five items! A gorgeous pink bubbler, a pink bic lighter combo, cotton cane papers, and cotton candy incense!

PufferBox Starter Pack

The PufferBox StarterPack ships with four items! A gorgeous bubbler, a full-size clipper lighter, a 4 pc grinder, and a RAW branded tin case!