Take A Look At Our Past Puffer Boxes

PufferBox August 2018 – SeaWeed (Shipping Soon)

PufferBox July 2018 – Double

What’s Included

  • Glass Piece

    Double Chamber Spiral Bubbler

  • Accessories

    Juicy Jay Papers – Double Dutch Chocolate

    Skunk Brand Papers

    Buddies Brand Torpedo Tube

    Kamini Incense Cones

    Clipper Ligher – Bad Smiley Edition

  • Munchies

    Crunchy Rice Rollers – Double Rolls

PufferBox June 2018 – Peace

june pufferbox 2018

What’s Included

  • Glass Piece

    Glass Bubbler – Rasta/Streak/Inside Out

  • Accessories

    Graffiti Peace Flag (Background-Pictured)

    Wiz Khalifa Peacemaker

    Cheech & Chong Hemp Rolling Papers

    Lion of Judah King Size Papers

    Cookies Storage Bag

    Elements Matches

  • Munchies

    Kinds Minis – 100 Calorie Pack

PufferBox May 2018 – Summerfest

pufferbox may 2018 contents

What’s Included

  • Glass Piece

    Thick Fumed Sherlock Glass Pipe

  • Accessories

    Wiz Khalifa Tin Case

    Acrylic Grinder (Various Colors)

    Bob Marley King Size Papers

    Brass Screens (5 Count)

    Trailer Park Series Lighter

    Nag Champa Incense (Combo box)

  • Munchies

    Airheads – Taffy Chew

PufferBox April 2018 – Smoke Sesh

420 pufferbox

What’s Included

  • Glass Piece

    Glass Sherlock Pipe (Rasta or Color Changing)

  • Accessories

    Pre Rolled Cones

    Bear Necessities Clipper Lighter

    Raw Do Not Disturb Reversible Door Hanger

    Raw Rolling Papers

    Bugler Rolling Papers

    Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps

  • Munchies

    Jelly Beans – 20 flavor pack

PufferBox March 2018 – Triple

What’s Included

  • Glass Piece

    Triple Bowl Glass Hand Pipe

  • Accessories

    Raw Aluminum Storage Tube with Cork

    Juicy Jay Cotton Candy Papers

    Juicy Jay Candy Cane Papers

    High Hemp Organic Papers

    Juicy Jay Incense Sticks

    Stainless Steel Screen Filters

  • Munchies

    HARIBO: Mega Roulette Gummies