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Unboxing the March PufferBox – Light Vs Dark

pufferbox march 2020

Glass Piece

You glass on glass bubbler will arrive in one of several accent colors on the base and on the mouthpiece. The bowl can be removed and cleaned easily. A shower-head percolator can be found on the inside chamber. This contraption cools the smoke allowing a smoother hit and way less coughing.

Smoking Accessories

Your box arrives with four accessories and it’s all about black.

black clipper lighter

black magic juicy jay’s

blackberry jones

blackberry incense

11 replies
  1. Kristin says:

    I like the jones. They are quick, easy to use. Just grind up your material, use the provided straw to pack and your set. Taste great too.

  2. jordan says:

    Love pufferbox! Good price for good mix of needs. Only problem has been with packaging and care, this box the mixed nut snack was open and I felt like a little kid on Halloween that couldn’t enjoy the candy cuz it wasn’t safe. 2 box’s ago my water Beaker Piece cakes cracked where the down steam goes in, was supper sad I didn’t get to use it. Love the cool lighters and papers tho I’d give pufferbox 3 and a quarter stars out of 5

    • PufferBox says:

      Hi, Jordan. We didn’t hear about those issues but I’d like an opportunity to make it right. I’ll send you an email with more details. -Joe

  3. Gwynne Currie says:

    Man I ordered this so long ago and everytime I check where the package is it’s in Texas and it’s been there since March 26th. I know covid’s going on but I paid $70 for this and it is in no way worth it at all. And still haven’t even received the first box I ordered

  4. Mick says:

    Overall I’d rate Pufferbox at a 6.5 our of 10 after receiving March 2020 and April 2020. The main page says 8 to 10 items and neither have really met that. If it’s less, alright but say so. The bowls are nice, if a little small. They’re great for personal use. In addition, any box is going to have papers and a lighter, so what is there to set it apart? March had incense which was ok. It matched the theme. April, I’m still waiting for the blog to update to explain the second wave because I don’t understand how the piece relates to the theme. And hemp wick as the lone accessory is uninspired. I had an issue with the March box and the customer service was wonderful which is bringing up the average for me. I’d say Pufferbox was good, not great when I subscribed.

  5. John Masters says:

    I agree with Mick the boxes need to have a little more stuff in them. Maybe a Raw cone wallet or add a joint tube or two to carry your blunts in.


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