Gandalf – A PufferBox Unboxing | February 2020 Wave 2

pufferbox february 2020

Signature Piece

pufferbox gandalf

“You would not wonder if you used this herb yourself. You might find that smoke blown out cleared your mind of shadows within.” -Gandalf

Your new Gandalf pipe is elegant AF. We shipped a few different models including some with color changing glass, ones with streaks of reds and blues, and some with a solid base. Whichever you received, it’s long traditional design provides the smoothest of hits.


The RAW Metal Paper Case is a great way to protect your traditional sized papers. Made from durable metal with a secure latch, this lovely case will keep your papers from getting crushed when you put them in your pocket or bag. Printed to look like either a standard pack of papers, these cases are a great addition to any RAW collection while also being a nice pocket-sized companion.

bob marley papers

Everyone remembers the first time they lit up to a Bob Marley song. Even if Bob is not part of your smoke ritual anymore, those fond memories are never too far from your mind – and now with Bob Marley Cigarette Papers, it is even easier to reconnect with our beloved Rasta prophet.

Continuing Bob’s legacy of bringing down Babylon with every smoke session, these 1 1/4 rolling papers are crafted with pure love. No addictive additives have been included, and no trees have been torn down in order to make these papers.

The PufferBox team is a huge fan of stash containers that look like everyday items. This handy sack looks like a credit card at first glance but can be opened and packed with your favorite herb up to an ounce. The MasterKush sack loads upside down so the zipper is hidden in your wallet’s pocket.

Your box includes a standard clipper lighter with fun pin-up girl design. Mary Jane will aways be by your side as you lite up with this refillable and disposable lighter. Remember, you can remove the flint from the clipper and use it as a packing tool!


gold gum bag

The munchies for this month is gum. And not just any gum! The Gold Mine includes a ton of mini gold colored bubble gum nuggets. Comes in a drawstring satchel and perfect for sharing. Enjoy!

Bonus Item: RAW Sticker

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  1. Mayra says:

    Awww i had a pipe like this years ago so I’m super happy to have one again but it’s easy to break because it’s sooo long.


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