Dos – A PufferBox Unboxing | February 2020 Wave 1

feb pufferbox

Glass Piece

This unique glass piece is perfect for your collection. It’s designed for either every day use or as novelty with a group of friends. The alien head shape makes it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand. Each of these pieces are unique as they are hand blown one by one.

So what are the benefits of two bowls? Two reasons!

  • Add two flavors or strains of tobacco for the perfect blend of the two.
  • A bigger hit with each draw (roughly double)

Smoking Accessories

From Double Dutch, come these chlorine-free tips that come two to a sheet. With 100 per booklet, these are the definitely one of the most cost efficient choices for your roll-up tips.

In the year 1764 Pay-Pay was founded, and its been going strong ever since for a reason. In its latest iteration, Pay-Pay is a high-quality and economically price paper with a naturally sweet sugar glue.

In the past 240 years rolling paper has improved a lot, and Pay-Pay has definitely stayed ahead of the curve. Try them and see why Pay-Pay has been a favorite of smoking connoisseurs for hundreds of years.

Representing the best of both worlds, Clipper lighters are both disposable and refillable. Better still, every Clipper lighter is equipped with a tough nylon body and a replaceable flint; which means your washing machine will never tragically claim another lighter from you ever again.

Don’t worry, we didn’t include a random condom in your PufferBox. Although it looks like a and is the same size as a regular condom pack, this accessory is actually a smell proof bag. The Tokin Platinum OG is also water proof, and puncture resistant. Holds up to 1 gram.


We added a handful of Sour Punch Twists. These are absolutely delicious with the familiar sour and chewy taste you’ve come to love. They are low fat, kosher certified candy with a signature sugar coating.

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  1. Jacob says:

    I opened the box today. I liked the code to scan to get more info on the box contents but would still would kinda prefer a flyer if that’s possible! Thanks, I love the pipe and can’t wait to use it this weekend!

  2. Insomniac says:

    I used to have one like this years ago but it broke sadly. I always pack two bowls with it, not the best idea when I’m trying to conserve but whatever haha. I usually hit the one farthest from the mouthpiece first, then when I’m on the second bowl I plug the big bowl with my thumb and wrap my finger around for the rush.


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